Saturday, January 29, 2011

get ready for too many memories

dear jet,

thanks for being my bestest best friend & for all of the silly, silly times we've had together. you & i were quite perfectly attached at the hip in high school ( like really, most of the boys/security guards/seminary teachers were starting to think it was getting a little strange.) but that never stopped our love for each other. you & i are what kept each other safe growing up, always searching for the sunlight & giggling the loudest. i'd always wanted a best friend like you, i'm so glad to have found you. happy almost-six-year-Best Friendiversary coming soon, i love you dude.
p.s. sometimes i want to sun-tan on top of my honda. but then i remember that i am not in arizona, not with you, & that Earthquake Timmy is dead. and then i cry. in my mind.

love lauren

so umm... we both ACED our anatomy test the next day. totally.

the day the "skinny tights gang" was founded.

thanks for letting me help you plan my surprise birthday party {smile}.

this was the day my car broke down at the library. & we had to walk home in the rain. like ninjas. cha.

"most improved" also equals "you used to stink". good job us!

 you can understand why we laughed. and laughed. and laughed.
"press button. receive bacon."

i love you, dude.

& i always will.


Cherie said...

That was really sweet! I love all the funny pictures!

Candace Stevenson said...

awh I love this post very much :) I can;t wait till you move here pretty lady!

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