Wednesday, January 05, 2011

it's january 5th. i know.

well it's time for {most likely} the last 2010 review you'll ever read. you're welcome. 

{january} i fell in love. t & i we co-counselors for a fun service opportunity at school. lots of late nights, lots of early mornings. this picture was taken somewhere in between.
he told me he loved me a few days prior, but i was still mulling it over in my mind.
while spilling my love-sick guts to madiSON, it hit me. literally hit me.
like a ton of bricks, or an arrow, or a stampede of naked baby angels.
i. was. in. love.
lots of joy-filled screaming later, it was still 3am, & i still had to tell him.
madiSON & i traipsed through the bitter cold,  i tapped on his bedroom window, and i told him.
boys look really cute when they're sleepy. & in love.

{february} we epic road-tripped to Kuna, Idaho for Valentines Weekend.
we graced boise state, tucanos, walmart, anthropologie & various other magical vacation spots with our presence and had a lovely time. & i fell in love again. with my strong, fascinating, beautiful & hilarious room girls.

{march} i got engaged to the man with all the dreams.

{april} i said good-bye to my freshman year of college & remembered all of the fun, loving, and stupid times that i shared with my sweet friends. 

{may} i moved back to sunny arizona & started planning my wedding. i also played with NaTucka every day & never got bored once. well, once. but we don't talk about that.

{june} i began another summer coaching for the city of mesa. & it rocked hard. i love my little synchro princesses & hilarious staff. the perfect words to describe the summer? otter pops.

{july} andrew & i  turned 19 & went through the temple.  i also got my wisdom teeth removed, and celebrated my bridal shower the next day. i'm a trooper, i know.

{august} i had a super great bachelorette party thrown for me & felt like a princess all night. i eternally wedded travis on august 6th, the sunniest day in the history of the world. we shared a honeymoon in disneyland & laughed every minute of it. especially when the po-po shut us down.. you'll have to read about that  one.

{september} t & i began to get used to married life. i moved my bottom out to boise and it froze. big time. but it saw some very lovely things along the way. i started work at the Y, and trav did his best to make me miss my family less, every day. thanks for that, love.

{october} the twin brother that i had all of my life left on his mission to Indonesia. tear. smile. sob. 
good luck brother of mine.
oh & we had a really spooky Halloween.

{november} we went bowling. and to an art museum. and a history museum. and we built the world's best fort. & i made the stuffing for the W family's thanksgiving. & i took a chance with this blog baby of mine, some real risky business. i started doing fashion posts. {something i thought i could never do} & you guys liked it. i hope.

{december} t & i flew to mesa town for christmas in the sun & i absolutely loved being home with my family.
what a year it was. 
goodbye twenty ten,
it was fun while it lasted. 

peace & love


rue. said...

i love this post.
your style is so great.
your blog is so great.
i probably sound like the biggest creeper. & that's ok.

Mrs. Blimes said...

Your blog is beyond adorable and you two are a very lovely couple! I definitely LOVE your fashion! I'd be happy to see more fashion posts in 2011!


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

You've had quite a year! Love you!

Kathryn Sabria said...

We sure did have some great times! I'm glad I got to be part of your 2010! :) I love you Lauren! Love your(fascinating)room girl ;)

TheReal.NateTucker said...

definitely best shout of of 2010!
(actually, is it considered a shout out of 2011?)

its simple love said...

You are too cute! Wow I love your wedding pictures! You look stunning!


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