Tuesday, January 04, 2011

surely, everyone loves letters.

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dear husband, 
i love you so. i am so glad you are willing to wash dirty trucks for me time & time again.

dear pink skirt,
i am so glad i found you! twirling around & around the house with you today turned all of my thoughts into berries. and cream. 

dear list of awesome things from 2010,
please excuse my unwillingness to write you. even though you were filled with the most magical things in a young girls life, i just haven't had the time. it's not you, it's me.

dear list of awesomeness for 2011,
 you seriously are awesome. like WHOA. you are ghandi mixed with oprah in cupcake-form type awesome. & i think you'll be better than 2010, but don't tell him. he's the jealous type.

dear terrible dream i had last night,
it's not funny to trick a girl into thinking she married a man that is not her husband. not funny at all. especially when said man is scrawny and pimply. my two unfavorite things. yuck.

dear tummy,
why are you hurting mama? it feels like you're filled with angry elephants. i will not lie, if you had a baby inside of you, then this would be ok. but you don't. & it's not. please, let's be mature about this.

dear hair,
i almost cut you short short today. but then we realized that i was actually just going insane, and we bought vitamins instead. soon, you will be long long. & i will have fun everyday playing dress up with you. i can't wait.

dear husband, 
i love the plans that we're making together. i love love love them. thanks for stopping & staring today when i came in the room, it made me feel special. i love being yours.

yours truly,


jennifer michelle said...

i don't know about everyone, but i love love love letters!!! especially handwritten. hehe! :)

Katri said...

this made me smile :) that's all...

Rachel said...

this is too cute - love it!

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