Wednesday, February 16, 2011

our valentines. plus other stuff.

our valentines was filled with love!
although, we thought we'd be in utah for the big V, & planned basically nothing.
butttt t is fabulous and pulled a few surprises out just for me. i love that guy!

we double dated with some sweet friends.
the chicks primped,
& decorated.

while the boys got all handsome'd up & made a lovely dinner

it was a fabulous night!
all thanks to our sweet friends for joining us last minute.

ryan & tara

& little old us. {t got me daisies}

we had such a loving night!
oh, secret side note: tara & i made nametags for the boys.
trav's said "i have a cute bum."
because he does.
love lauren


a few more exciting things:
1. the vintage dress i'm wearing is from ande monster, that etsy site i reviewed many moons ago. the dress goes perfect with pearls & an apron, in case you were wondering.

2. today i won a Shabby Apple dress from have a cute day. & then i died.
this dress to be exact.
i guess it was my lucky day!

3. it may be silly but, i made a facebook page for this blog.
like i just made it. not even a load of laundry ago. 
it's fresh. we can be friends if you wanna!

love lauren
{for reals this time}


Scott+Tiffany said...

Super cute v day, suuuper cute dress. I love!

Jennie said...

So I just liked your blog. And then I was inspired to make my own blog a Facebook page, but since I only have 17 followers (and one is me! I don't even know how I did that.), that would just be pathetic. Ha!

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