Sunday, February 27, 2011

yummy yummy yummy in my tummy.

1. travis is a very talented cook. i am a semi-talented cook, who is excited to become fabulous. one day, trav & i will have a cooking duel to the death. a winner will be announced, and i hope i win. 

2. we like to watch movies together, late at night. we also like to strip down to our unmentionables right when we get home. ok... maybe that's more me than him.

3. he wants a big house in the country with lots of land, trees and mountains. and horses. i want a big house in the city with lots of trees and flowers and people.

4. neither of us are really into music which is a pity, really.

5. i like to talk in british accents when i get tired. he thinks it's annoying.

6. i could sleep in till the world ended, but travis has an internal wake-up button that turns on at eight am. that being so, travis wakes me every morning with kisses, squeezes, tickles, and bites (dont ask). i love it.

7. i am artzy fartzy and he's a dreamer. together we will take over the world. or go bankrupt. whatever.

8. t is six feet & i am five one. i can wear any heel, any time and i love it.

9. he walks unusually fast. i walk unusually slow.  when we hold hands, it sometimes looks like he's dragging me. i think it's cute.

10. i sing, he sings, we sing together and it's not half bad! one day we'll get our own bad together and call it the Kidd Daisies.

11. we are both the only blondes in our brunette families. our house is basically the island of misfit toys.

this helped me miss my husband less, so i think i'll add more later.
happy sunday everyone


stephanie said...

Haha, I love this! Especially the part about taking over the world or going bankrupt. You've got an adventure in store either way! Love your writing and stories!!

The King's said...

Hi! ya.. you don't know me or anything.. I just found your blog one day and decided to be really creepy stalkerish and read it because you're a very funny,crafty, cute girl... and I just sorta made a blog so I could be cute since I just got married...

Anyway, that's besides the point. I decided to actually introduce myself and comment on this post because a lot of the stuff you said reminds me of my hubby, Shannon, and I... haha all of the ones that hit home werrree.. 1, 2, 3xa billion... and although I don't talk in a british accent, I do silly things that probably really annoy him haha.

anyways, you are adorable, and keep writing great posts! :)

-Kristi King

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