Monday, February 28, 2011

my wedding dress





a few hot ladies have asked me about my wedding dress lately, so i thought i'd share.
i loved my dress. like, loved it. seriously.
if travis wasn't so gosh darn handsome and wonderful... you get it.
i found my gown from craigslist so i'm not actually sure where it's from {sorry!}
the lady i bought it from was a smoker so the dress smelled unpleasant for a while.
but it fit perfectly, i took it as a sign.
i am petite {5'1"} so i was happy to find a lovely gown that didn't need hemming.
it was a match made in heaven. {besides me and my husband. course.}

* my shoes are from DSW
* i made my bouquet
* all photos taken by annie randall
* my hair flower was made by my main girl Candace at Peace Rebublic Clothing


Stacey Sargent said...

Gorgeous Dress, and I love the pop of yellow with your shoes. Good job on the bouquet. It is amazing!

Irene said...

hi Lauren, this is the first time I write a comment on your blog. I started following you some months ago, I fell in love with your hair!!!! hahahaha
it's awesome you can find old dresses like that, in my country it's a lot more complicated.
i find that your bouquet is the coolest thing! could you show more pics of it??? :)

Nicole... given said...

i absolutely adore your dress.

Jennie said...

Dude, I am LOVING your tan lines. Seriously though-- they are awesome.

Jennie said...

Dude, I am LOVING your tan lines. Seriously though-- they are awesome.

Candace Stevenson said...

you=AH-dorable. yayaya

heather said...

It's gorgeous. You're gorgeous. And I {heart} those yellow heels!

Also, didn't realize you're an Arizona girl! (I wonder why?)

Andrea said...

Gooooorgeous dress! I couldn't believe when Candace told me you found it on Craig's list (honestly, what can't you fins on there?)

Love your cutie blog:)


Lauren said...

your dress is beautiful! I am a newlywed too and love looking at other lovely wedding things.

I just found your blog and LOVE IT! you are so cute.Now a happy new follower of your blog!

I also wanted to share my first blog giveaway with you. I'm giving away a $50 Anthropologie Giftcard! Yay!
Check it out here:


Young People in Love said...


Ok, I just stumbled across your blog and decided we need to be bloggy friends for a few reasons:

1. You are adorable.
2. LOVE your dress.
3. Way to go being crafty and productive while the husband is gone! Kudos to you, girl.

Sarah Christine said...

OH my gosh, you are too cute! and i am totally following you haha! I LOVE YOUR DRESS! When I get married someday i hope to find a dress very similar to yours! LOVE IT!

Sarah Weickhardt said...

Oh yes. I love your dress! Lace is the ultimate factor for me in a wedding dress. :) <3

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