Wednesday, March 02, 2011

a little summin' summin'

my ma-ja spotlighted me today. 
she does this every once in a while for one of her kiddies. today it was my turn!
she called me yesterday, and asked me all kinds of questions.
i felt like a goof. but it was fun!
so hop on over to my mother dearest's blog and enjoy.

on another note,
when i woke up this morning, my car had gotten towed.
and then once i got it back, i got it stuck in ice
and a man had to help me out.
and then i fell on the ice.
and then ricky martin turned out to be gay (oh wait...)
but yes, today is not the hottest day so far {sad face}

and travis, if this is how you find out about the car...
i love you.

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