Wednesday, March 02, 2011

a crafty mrs.

while the boy is away, i've had more than enough time to be creative!
last night, my kitchen {which still doesn't have a kitchen table. remind me to check craigslist.} was hit by a mob of fabric, glue, spilled contents from craft boxes
and my computer, on which I watched Beauty and the Briefcase and Funny Girl during my craft spree.
{watch them BOTH! Funny Girl is an old favorite and Beauty and the Briefcase has Lizzie McGuire- i love her}
anyway. the moral of the story is: i got crafty.
i made a welcome wreath for our humble abode!

1. i made the flowers using this tutorial.
2. the wreath frame is a wire hanger i found in my trunk. go figure!
3. i'm still looking for a snazzy "W" to make this wreath perfect, but i love it for now.

love lauren


Dawn said...

cute headers girl!
btw i watched beauty and the briefcase because i may or may not have a huge girl crush on Hilary Duff.haha.. that and henry (from what i like about you) is in the movie... and i not so secretly love him.

carlotta said...

I love your wreath - super cute! I've been seeing fabric flowers all over the place lately and I'm in serious love.

Erin said...

I love Beauty and the Briefcase!
I'll watch anything with Hilary. I thought it was pretty cute.

Love the wreath!

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