Monday, March 28, 2011

all the girls say

hey baby hey baby hey.
wow. ok, hello blog community. so glad to be back!
let's give a hand for my guest bloggers, they were so very entertaining after all. {insert clapping}
i had a very fun non-computer week, and did some very fun projects.
all of which are unfinished and strewn throughout the house... sorry trav.
more about those later. other news...
trav & i got jobs! together!
don't be too jealous, it's just at a cafe.
but my shirt say this on the back.
you can be jealous now.

peace & love


Brooke said...

That's so cool you'll be working together! how fun :D

Dawn said...

whaaaaat? you work at Sammy's?
if i could have a dream min. wage job.. that might just be it ;) that or working at cocoa bean

Katie Webber said...

I am so insanely jealous. Me and tiana spent every Thursday and Saturday (sometimes MTWTHFS) there! You are lucky. those pie shakes sure do bring the boys to the yard.

mandyface said...

I don't know what a pie shake is but I want one!

Maggie said...

that is the most epic shirt i have ever seen! congrats!

geri e. said...

LOVE the new shirt. You are so cool. :)

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