Sunday, March 27, 2011


it is officially nappy nap time in the t&l home.
 travis turned into a pink blob today.
i hope he changes back soon, i thought he was much more handsome before.
plus, i'm making meatballs for dinner & i'm not quite sure his new pink self has a mouth.
i suppose i'll just say a prayer & hope for the best!
love lauren


Brooke said...

I hope you both had a good relazing break from the computer! and wow you can't even tell anyone is in there!! haha I hope you both got lots of rest!

Kate Weber said...

That's adorable!

Michelle said...

LOL!!! Too funny!

On a side note...I really like your frames and how you have them arranged!

Natasha Louise said...

This made me laugh.......... so much!! You're so funny!

stephanie said...

haha husband's are so funny!

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