Saturday, March 26, 2011

maggie guest blogs

today's very last guest blogger is maggie from maggie mae in london. maggie and i went to highschool together, and i'm pretty sure we were on the same freshman tennis team. almost positive. she was good and i wasn't so good, it was a fun time {smile}. she is now studying abroad in London and living the life. meet maggie!

1. A little about yourself

 I'm an overachieving college student, double majoring in English Literature, Secondary Education and minoring in Spanish. I'm far too obsessed with The Beatles, and I re-live the Paul McCartney concert in my head too often. I am too spontaneous for my own good, but luckily my spontaneity has allowed me to have great life experiences. Growing up in small Gilbert, I always knew I wanted to go far and explore the rest of the word, and now I'm finally living my dream and living abroad.

maggie in the prague. 

2. What inspires you?
 Being an English literature major, I get a lot of my inspiration from great authors. I especially have been inspired by Viktor Frankl and Kurt Vonnegut's work. However, my mom has also played a big role in my life and serves as a great inspiration for me.

3. A favorite memory 
Last April I went to Paul McCartney's concert in Glendale. It was the best 3 hours of my life. He sang, I danced, and we both went home extremely happy and pleased, well at least I like to think he did.

4. What's happening in yo life?
 I recently moved to England, and I am currently living the British life. I've been spending most of my time hitting the books at school and discovering all of London.

5. a few of your favorite things
 I'm a pretty easy girl to please, all I need is a good book in hand and I'm happy. But to top it off, hand me an ice cold Coke, and I'll love you even more.

6. girl, what are you wearing? 
Adjusting to the weather here in England has been hard. No more flip-flops and shorts everyday. I've mostly just been wearing skinny jeans and boots, paired with a cute cardigan and a coat. Scarfs have been a must here, and I've finally been able to put all my scarfs to use. My ideal outfit has always been some skinny jeans and a v-neck though, super comfy!

7. any advice for the kiddies?
I strongly believe that staying true to yourself is very important in getting through life, that being said, this quote by Emerson is one of my favorites when I'm feeling down.
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

cute, huh? visit maggie's blog


everyone calls me bon bon said...

She is too cute! Living the British life sounds fabulous, and of course, dancing the night away at a Paul McCartney concert. Adorable:-) xoxo

Michelle said...

Left you an award on my blog! Hope you had a good weekend!

Ashley said...

My boy is serving a mission in England :) I would love to go there!

Maggie said...

I meant to comment on this on saturday but I completely spaced out, thanks girl, love the post! And I definitely remember our freshmen year tennis times haha so long ago!

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