Friday, March 25, 2011

livi guest blogs

meet livi from the bright bit. she was my visiting teacher once upon a time in boise, & i've always loved her. it helps that she has a funky style and a sweet personality. liv & i equal kindred spirits. plus, she's lived quite the life. enjoy!
1. a little about yourself.
     I haven't described myself in a long time!   I am white haired, blue eyed, loud laughing, world traveling, blogging, marriage loving, news writing fool!!

I've lived in Boise, Rexburg, Manhattan and Italy.  I have the most loving and fun husband EVER who I can't stop talking to!   I love all things European, Gwen Stefani, Bluegrass, southwest style, blogging and writing for the Deseret News.
2. what inspires you?
I love southwestern/native american jewelry and style.  I love the American southwest landscape as well.  
I studied Humanities in college and have a great love of art history.  My favorite classic artist is Giotto and my favorite modern artist is Degas.  I also love Georgia O' Keeffe.
I am inspired by love.  I have seen the effects of true love in my life ever since I met my husband.  It amazes me each day what true love can do and the changes it can cause a person to have.   Marriage is awe inspiring to me - the union of two people to create a beautiful family!
Jeffrey R. Holland is someone that I draw great inspiration from.  His addresses are powerful and touch my soul.   My favorite talk of his is Broken Things to Mend.

3. a favorite memory
I was actually discussing some of my favorite memories with my husband last night.   I loved living in Florence, Italy.   It was one of the high points of my life.  My memories of that time:
- the heat
- the art
- the gorgeous cathedrals and architecture
- the markets
- riding my bike for hours on the ancient streets
- the parks
- the friends
- the FOOD
- my classes
- the travel
truly some of the best memories of my life.

4. what's happening in yo life right now?
I am a ways into my career working as a Communications Specialist.  My husband is going through school. We are getting excited for summer!  I am in a book club, am going to learn how to knit, am writing for Deseret Media, am blogging for Sensibly Styled and The Bright Bit and am working on becoming more healthy and cooking better.

5. a few of your favorite things?
- my husband
- my iphone
- my family
- swimming
- cuddling
- hummus and tomatoes
- travel
- writing
- online shopping
- scarves
- earrings
- red lipstick
AND I want an ipad 2 so bad!!!

6. girl, what are you wearing?
I just ordered these jeggings from Old Navy and I can't wait to get them!!  Also, I desperately want this hat from Urban Outfitters.
I'm also never without lots of hair bows, red lipstick, and tons of fun costume jewelry!
{lauren interrupts, "it's true. livi is always mega hot. always."}

7. Any advice for the kiddies?
Advice?  I don't think anyone has asked for my advice in a while.  Ha!
There were times in my life where I thought it was all over, that life wasn't going to get any better - that life was too hard.   But if you just pull through it you will find that everything will be made up to you (even if not immediately) and that the best is yet to be.
Drink lots of water and gurllll, (trust me on this one): wear sunscreen.  do it.
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Brittany said...

love her red lipstick in the first photo!!
love all these guest posts! So fun to get to know so many awesome people!

geri e. said...

Loved this! She's adorable. And her wedding dress was beeeeeautiful!!

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