Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jennie Guest Blogs

meet jennie. jennie is hilarious. she'll be up in rexburg soon too and i can't wait to meet her newly brunette hair in person. oh, and the rest of her too. not just her hair, promise.

1. a little about yourself

I'm Jennie. I'm a nineteen year old sophomore at BYU-I do, recent brunette, and extremely tall person. I started blogging regularly about a year ago because I kinda think that I'm terribly hilarious, I like to write, and I loooove talking about myself. I guess I haven't run out of things to say about myself yet, because I'm still here!

2. what inspires you?

 I hate to be a walking clichĂ© here, but I'm gonna go with music. Particularly lyrics. I dunno, words are important and extremely fascinating to me. The whole science of putting them together just blows my mind. Take my homegirl, Taylor Swift. Whether or not you think she can sing, girl has game when it comes to song writing. Have you listened to her song, Dear John? I die, is all it is.

3. A favorite memory

One time my BFF and I were just driving around, chillin', and talking about a certain boy who was just being a dumbhead to her. We were right smack dab in the middle of a boy-hatin' sesh, and that's when Duel of the Fates {from Star Wars} popped up on my iPod. It was perfect boy-hating music and suddenly we found ourselves narrating her chasing him with a pitchfork along with the song. It was so funny, I cried. And almost peed. Like seriously, it was touch and go there for a couple seconds, but I regained control over my bladder and the crisis was averted. Moral of the story: sometimes boys are really dumb inventions, and also, don't drink Mountain Dew right before you go on a drive with your best friend.

4. what's happening in yo life?

 Well, I just memorized all of Bare Naked Ladies' One Week, so there's one life accomplishment checked off on my list. {Dude, if you don't know what song I'm talking about, go YouTube it right now. Not because it's a fine example of musical prowess or anything, but because it's a really fast song and I really want to impress you all.} But less importantly, I think I'll be in college for approximately fourteen and a half more years. Fart on that.

5. a few of your favorite things

 Smelling delicious, boys with great hair, the Sacramento Temple, brightly-colored nail polish, Facebook stalking, that's what she said jokes, iPods, LashBlast mascara, productive days, dollars, Jimmer Fredette, apple-bottom jeans, blogging, Michael BublĂ©, missionaries, driving really fast with the windows down and the radio blasting, sleeping, Target, laughing at my own jokes, California, hot chocolate, cardigans, Pokemon, down comforters, rainy days, turquoise, MacBooks, mis-matched socks, Craig Ferguson, summer, smells that bring back memories, best friends, not being in middle school anymore, and mail.

6. girl, what are you wearing?

I'm wearing a sweet purple dress with black tights that keep falling off my butt and make me feel awkward. I'm guessing that everyone else feels awkward too, because watching me adjust them is probably a very uncomfortable experience. Also, I'm wearing white shoes and I can't decide if they look fashion forward or fashion retarded.

7. Any advice for the kiddies?

If you ever accidentally burn your apartment down your freshman year of college, don't tell your roommates to pay for half. And while we're at it, if you ever have the desire to make onion rings, some from DQ instead. Trust me on this one.
toldja she was funny. laugh at her blog & twitter


Nicole said...

haha I loved this. My BFF is awesome.

Jennie said...

Wow that girl is super beautiful and I just wish I was her. Hehe.

Shannnnks for the guest post Lauren! I am so excited for this!

Andrea said...

Oh. my. goodness. That was glorious. Love how she ended with the burnt-down apartment! Crazy! Gotta love college:)

Andrea said...

Oh. my. goodness. That was glorious. Love how she ended with the burnt-down apartment! Crazy! Gotta love college:)

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