Wednesday, March 23, 2011

geri guest blogs

geri from me+him is adorable & a photographer, so she gets lots of photo space today. if a girl could have a crush on photographs it would be on her's. every. time. also she doesn't know it yet, but she is taking mine & trav's anniversary pictures. one day when we get ourselves out to california. anddd we'll probably just bunk at her place while we're at it. but she doesn't know about that yet, either. we're quiet, kinda. {smile}
1. Hi guys!! I'm Geri and I am a photographer (was that a little on the AA side? Did anyone else just imagine saying "Hiiiii Geri" in response?). Anyway—I'm married to my best pal in the whole-wide-world. His name is Jason and he's going to be an eye doc when he grows up. We're both from iddy-biddy towns in Idaho but we're currently living in Orange County and this winter has been the warmest of our entire lives (heaven)! I have to say, it was a bit of a shocker the first time I drove on the freeway and there were like 8 lanes. Where I come from 2 was a big deal. But it has been our greatest adventure and we love love love it!

2. What inspires me??

People. I have thought about this one and wrote out sooooooo many different things. But as a photographer, it's the people I photograph who inspire me. Getting to know them, talking to them, laughing with them, capturing who they are and their stories—it's the best job in the world!

3. Favorite Memory.....
K, weeeeell, my brain isn't running on all cylinders this morning so instead of favorite memory let's go for the last happy memory I can think of....... hmmm. I got nothin. Let's come back to that one.

4. Favorite things. I got lots of favorites!

Tacos—truck style. Love them every. single. day.
Colorful nail polish makes me feel like a lady.
Farmer's Markets are the
I think earrings are the best accessory.
San Francisco! LOVE that city!!
Red heads with freckles (that's right ;)
My camera is my second best friend in the whole world.
Reading good books.
Dark chocolate, ooooo so smooth and delicious.
Target, H&M and

3 1/2. OOHHHH! I just thought of a good memory! It's a good one. Might be my favorite ever ever. So Jas and I had just moved to CA and I had called my darling, little Grandma Fern for some reason or another. We chatted for a while, catching up on our current events and then the time came to say goodbye. And then we found out that saying goodbye can be hard to do! I said "I love you Grandma!" "Love you too, Dear." "Alright, talk to you later." "Yes talk to you later." "K. Love you." "Love you too, bye bye." "Bye Grandma." "Talk to you later Doll." "Alright. Love you." "Love you too." "See ya." "See ya." "K. Love you. Bye." "Bye bye Doll."........... And this went on for a very very very long time. And by the end me and my 84 year-old grandma were having a giggle fit. I don't have any idea how we finally ended it.

4. Today I'm wearing:
So I'm not going to pretend I'm a super awesome fashion blogger—because, let's face it, I'm totally not. But Lauren asked me to share what I'm wearing and I'ma do what the girl says......... and you better believe we had ourselves a good time honing our inner-fashion-blogginess. So here are a few of me and one of Jas, because he can't help how much the camera loves him (and yes, this is his beard's debut on the interwebs. Oww-Oww)!
H&M, head to toe—promise I didn't mean to do that.

5. Advice?

Be confident. Be happy. Be you. And always do your very best

Peace out party peeps! ♥
see? photography crush. i wasn't lying.
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the hawker's said...

jason, you have a beard now??! nice debut there!!! don't let blake see. {when he starts to grow the beard/'stache gig, it sorta throws off the kisses i give him. because it starts scratchin my face off!}

love this post, ger.
and lauren.
guess i should be directing my comments to you lauren, since it is your blog and all. oh, and you probably don't know me. this is my first comment here. so hey! nice to meet cha!

anyways, love it. gonna just go have myself a good day now.

peace out.


Renée said...

aw what a cute guest blog!

Brittany said...

love your blog, came over from me and him... and they are just the cutest lil couple ever, and her photos are amazing!!

Hayley said...

I love this feature! Geri you look so cute and I like this blog! thanks for introducing me!!


Emily Dawn said...

So dang cute!!

geri e. said...

haaa! Just read the intro. You guys are welcome anytime. We've got a real fancy air mattress or some floral couches with your name on em :)

Caley said...

love this post! i love geri, we go way back {to 2 years ago..} she's a doll and a bestie! i love your blog too! i've never seen it before, but i'm your newest follower!

Theresa said...

Love that flower H&M shirt it still in stores? You guys are too cute. Lauren, your blog is so lovely!

geri e. said...

@Theresa: I got it last spring dang it! but they always have something super awesome over there.... :)

p.s. I totally lied to yall—those shoes are from Urban Outfitters. Told ya I'm no fashion bloggista.

Brissa said...

i love guest posts! they introduce me to so many wonderful blogs (like yours)!

Brissa said...

i love guest posts! they introduce me to so many wonderful blogs (like yours)!

Catherine Anne said...

i LOVE this post and geri's blog!!! i swear we are like the same person sometimes...our thoughts are so similar. love your blog as well :)

Audrey said...

Yeah Jas, lovin the beard. I looks like mine....unfortunately for me! Lookin good man!

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