Tuesday, March 22, 2011

candace guest blogs

k, you people are in for a treat. today's lovely is my home girl Candace from Lovely Little Rants. We've been friends since highschool, she made the hair-clip for my wedding, and she was this close to being my bridesmaid. seriously, it was a shame. she also just launched an etsy shop filled with cuteness. ok ok, enough ranting about candace (ranting. see how i did that? i keed.)

1.  a little about yourself.

I'm 19 years old livin life away in Idaho attending BYU. I'm studying to be a dental hygienist and I just love how lovely life is treating me. I miss my twin brother dearly, aka he is serving an LDS mission, and I am addicted to blogging. Lauren was actually my inspiration for blogging :)

2. what inspires you?

Photography inspires me. I just love love love it and I love the creativity of it all. I also love film and making videos. It's kind of the best.

3. a favorite memory

Malibu beach trip with my fav cuzzy, Kaesi, last summer for my 19th birthday. yay!

4. what's happening in yo life right now?

Up at school! Planning on moving to Provo this summer to get an apartment with my cuzzy. All I need is to find a cute little car to carry me all about!

5. a few of your favorite things?

My camera, my macbook [love], my twin brother, Arizona, and bubblegum.

6. girl, what are you wearing?

some cutesy square diamond earings, and a whole buncha forever21 getup. aka black short sleeve shirt under a cream lacy tank, my favoite F21 skinnies [dark wash] leading to my worn in gray Tom's and my bright orange Nixon watch that I can't even read correctly.

7. Any advice for the kiddies (the kiddies being the 14-30 year old girls reading this)?

hmmm, advise... hmmm. Always: wear a cute belt with an oversize shirt, Always pair cute boots with a just-hits-the-knee spring dress, and Always never change yourself for someone else. It's silly! :) Oh, and in the winter, always walk next to the cute boys on the way to school so when you slip on the ice they can catch you. Works every time.

anddd here's my all time favorite photo of candace and me from highschool.
i laugh. eveytime.

you can stalk candace's blog, twitter, crafty blog, and etsy shop!


Candace Stevenson said...

you are pure lovely :) thanks for the guest post! you are dah best :) see you at devo today?

Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥

Andrea said...

Haha that pic of you two is glorious!

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