Monday, March 21, 2011

Brooke Guest Blogs

Brooke from Bright Wishes is a total delight. She has the sweetest daughter and is in an exciting time of life, she's planning a wedding! Her blog is filled with bits of inspiration and bits of life and love, even I am super excited for her big day, and i've never met the girl. Ladies and gentlemen, Brooke!
1. A little about yo-self, please.

 My name is Brooke and I am an 19 year old mommy and fiance to a handsome man in the U.S. Navy. I love to talk about life, love, and inspiration on my blog. I also love helping out others with whatever they need. :)

2.What inspires you?
Definitely other blogs. Before blogging I was never really motivated to do much. I've recently been big on fashion. I really need to start transforming my look and wearing what I want instead of being self conscious. 

3. A favorite memory.
This is hard! Well here's just ONE favorite memory: Years ago when I was maybe 12, two of my cousins, my sister and I went on a road trip with our grandparents to see relatives in Ohio. We took my grandparent's R.V. which was always fun!  On the long trip from Minnesota to Ohio, we came to a rest stop and my grandparents gave us all money to get one two drinks to split between the four of us out of the vending machine.  My cousins got a root beer I believe and when my sister put in the money to get a Sprite, one came out so we turned to leave but hear a noise and when we turned around a million Sprite's kept coming out! We were just grabbing them and grabbing them all until some guy unplugged the machine. We ran back to the R.V all of us carrying bottles of Sprite in our hands and yelled, "We've got enough Sprite for the entire trip!" We ended up with 17 Sprites when we thought we would have to share our drink with our sibling. Always a great story to tell when we all get together again.

4. What's happening in yo life?

 Hm, not too much. I'm working on school and wedding planning which you can see on my blog by clicking the 'wedding plans' button at the top! 

5. A few of your favorite things

 I love:
-Apple Pie
-Getting back into reading-- check out my book blog!
-Colbie Caillat's new song "I Do"
-All of my bloggy friends. You're all amazing-seriously.

6. Girl, what are you wearing?
 I am wearing the same thing I wear everyday. Honestly, I've been in my pajamas all day.  Black tshirt and brown sweats. Yes, I know they don't go together at all but no point in getting dressed when I'm not going anywhere! haha Once it gets warmer, I'll definitely be getting dressed and going out into the sun with my daughter. Goodness I can't wait!

7. Any advice for the kiddies (the kiddies being the 14-30 year old girls reading this)?
Always be yourself no matter what and learn to love yourself because you're beautiful.
Brooke's blog and twitter


Megan said...

i love love love Brooke. She is such a doll..and just so happened to design my blog layout.

(new to your blog..clearly here from Bright Wishes) glad I came! your blog is lovely!

Michelle said...

I love your blog!!! Found you through Bright Wishes!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This is a beautiful post! Brooke is one of my favorite bloggers ever. :) I love the advice at the bottom. And the story about the sprites is so awesome! haha. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

I heart Brooke too! Such a sweetie and here via her blog. Your space here is just darling :) xo

christine donee said...

Love Brooke! So glad she did a guest post here.. I'm new to your blog & love it already :)


SarahB said...

YEAH FOR BROOKE!!! I love your Blog!!

the hawker's said...

brooke rocks! i like to pretend that we are besties, even though i've only met her in blogland. darling!

Natalie said...

Brooke is awesome! I love reading this get to know you! I love reading Brooke's blog, and I am also hear from her blog.

I am new to your blog. It looks great!

{av} said...

I adore Brooke! So happy you featured her! She's so beautiful :) xoxo {av}

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