Friday, April 08, 2011


oh heyyy. i don't know about you, but usually i think scarf tutorials are lame. but this tutorial is actually really awesome, i love how she even THOUGHT of the scarf braid thing. i love this tutorial, it's much better than every other how-to-wear-a-scarf-as-a-headband-or-skirt-or...scarf tutorial i've seen. enjoy!

p.s. travis & i are roadtripping to boise in the morning. warm-ish weather and family here we come!
oh & buffalo wild wing. trav & i never miss a BWW opportunity. never.
this is not a joke.

love lauren


Gertrude said...

Love the braided style! Thanks for sharing :) Happy weekend xo

David and Jessica Olsen said...

super cool tutorial. thanks for sharing!

stephanie said...

okay so after reading this i immediately went over to and ordered a scarf to try these with. and maybe a few other things too. my self control is at an all time low these days! (especially when it comes to delicious spring fashion and killer easter-time sales!)

Heather said...

Where has this been all my life??? Now I have a date with all those scarves in my closet. Thanks for sharing!

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