Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a story

sorry i've been MIA this weekend, travis & i just got back from boise town and we loved seeing our family so very much! i didn't take any pictures, because i suck at life. {i think i'll just leave it at that}
but i do have a story.

at home, t & i have a king size bed. while in boise, we stayed in a queen. remember that.
one night when it was very late, travis was playing a game on his phone but i wanted him to play a game with me.  (hello, when does this not happen?) i poked, tickled, and gabbed in his ear until i finally gave him up as a bad job. with the declaration, "you are boring!" i turned to rest my arm back behind me to sit & stare at him indignantly. unfortunately, i judged the size of the bed very wrong and instead of hitting bed my hand hit air. i fell to the floor with a "agghhhhh!", and when travis looked to see what was the matter, all he saw was my legs flying straight into the air and heard the sound of my muffled laughter. 
"babe," he said, " it's not a king size bed."
i'm glad i have him around to tell me what's what.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!
love lauren


karajean said...

That's cute! Scott and I love going on vacation because we have king size beds and at home we have a queen... which is basically a disaster. I can't count the number of times we've bumped heads in the middle of the night or he's elbowed me in the face. It's kinda tragic for sleeping, but good for cuddling.

The King's said...

haha this gave me a good laugh. you guys are such a cute couple, even though i've never met either of you. :)

Emily Jardine said...

Haha. I like that story :)

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