Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i am my mother, and i get looks.

today i woke up to birds chirping, the sun shining and my heart singing-- today was the first day of school!
travis' day started earlier than mine. i made blueberry pancakes for breakfast before he rushed out the door and when he left, i followed after him in all of my pajama glory waving around my camera and chanting "First day of school! First day of school!" it was a big deal. and right about then was when i realized... i am my mother. and that is a very good thing!

earrings: stolen from sister (accidently. probably.) | jacket: forever | dress: walmart | bag: thrifted | boots: ross | belt: the floor

so if you happened to wonder about my belt, {you probably didn't. but for the sake of segues, let's say you did.} it is not from some fabulously indie boutique coined "the floor". it's a bit of spare lace i noticed this morning spilling out of my craft box. when i met up with travis later he asked, "wasn't that on the floor this morning?" as he eyed my never-before-seen belt. when i said yes, he gave me that look. you might know the look. it's a look every husband gives a wife who owns a "craft box". a you're-cute-but-geez-you-use-everything look. i always take it as a compliment. {smile}
peace & love

p.s. scootch your bum on over to the Sammy's Cafe blog. i sorta gave it a makeover!! 
and if you've never heard of Sammy's, then head on over to their sweet cafe for a pieshake next time you're in provo or rexburg. you. will. die.


Becca said...

is that the Spori building I see in the back ground?? Cutie pics! love your blog.

christine donee said...

ALWAYS take it as a compliment ;)

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