Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wednesday lovebook

happy middle of the week dudes! here's a peek into my lovebook for the week.

1. this blog. there are no words.
2. the fact that sydney is on the new Ruche & Treadsence lookbooks. can a girl get any cooler than that? i don't think so.
2. we have a new couple in our ward named adam and evie figgit. how ironic is that? i have no link for this, i just wanted to share that glorious fact with you.
3. here's a giveaway to win a $50 giftcard to Moxii. because giftcards are what make the world go round. my world, anyway.
4. i loved this tutorial of how to make an anthropologie-inspired baby rug. a freaking rug! it's a little time-consuming, but i think it's an excellent i'm-pregnant-so-i-can craft project.
5. i am totally making these easter egg cookies this weekend! get in muh belly! {disclaimer: i have never seen austin powers. am i still allowed to say that?}
6. i recently gave the Sammy's Cafe blog a makeover. check it! and if you'd like me to do yours, i can! {fo free. just email me}
7. i recently used this tutorial to make the welcome wreath on our front door. it was surprisingly easy.
8. i made steak with bleu cheese sauce for dinner Sunday night. then travis and i both died from compulsive  over-eating. it was tragic but worth it.
9. blog stalk tip: read this chick. i think she's funny and her photography rocks. win win.
10. i thought this photo project was fascinating and heartbreaking. you can tell a lot about a child from his/her bedroom.
11. this amazing girl is changing the way that people look at severe autism. here's a video about her, she is truly mind boggling.

peace & love 

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christine donee said...

love all the links! Thanks for sharing :)

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