Friday, April 22, 2011


dude. it snowed last night.
remind me again why i love the sexy rex?
the only good thing that came from our poor season-confused sky was the fact the snow looked like glitter, and today i got to wear purple tights on my goose-pumped legs. loooove it.
oh by the way, i tinkered the blog again.
travis took a long nap yesterday! what's a bored wife to do?

anyways, i love yuh.
peace & love


christine donee said...

bad weather, bad.

though i am totally diggin those tights.

yup, you heard it. diggin.

Kathy said...

Oh I really love your tights! I definitely need a purple pair of tights to keep my pale, pale legs warm.

Amanda said...

Love the tights! Too bad I live in Louisiana where it is already BURNing up! Tights and I will not be friends until next year.

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