Saturday, April 23, 2011

study buds

t & i were study buds yesterday. 
we can officially tell you everything about the human body. everything. no joke.
we are experts. 
studying with him reminded me of the first time i played with him outside of psychology class. he got my number to "study" (cause what other excuse did he have?) and called me the next day. i won't lie, i didn't want to go to our first study date. i was tired and hungry, and waited outside of the library for too long debating whether or not to just cancel. needless to say, i grew a pair & went in to find him. he looked very cute.
he was very easy to study with, and it wasn't awkward at all. i remember thinking i wouldn't mind always using him for a study bud.
little did i know, i would be!

peace & love


Kate Weber said...

This is an adorable post! You two are so cute together!

Simply Kate

Candace Stevenson said...

awh I love the last line :)

anddd there I was trying to stalk your tumblr buttttt it links to your twitter! I was sad. I'm stll sad. And I tried to click the facebook one but there was no clicky thing to click. :'(

Cecilia Warner said...

hey darling,
i just so happened to stumble across your blog and i'm completely in love <3 hehe. you and your husband are too cute.
come check out my blog if you get a minute ;P

Katie Webber said...

who would'a thunk there's a kate weber and a kate webber in this world. Not me! (look above at my doppleganger) I love people with my name

Elise said...

Cute! I think you both are in my Anat and Phys class. Kinda funny.

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