Monday, April 04, 2011

little housewife.

earrings: charolette russe | scarf: gift | sweater: husband's | jeans: ae | shoes: haven't the foggiest

today the mail blessed me with april's anthropologie catalog. today my hair was inspired by this girl from the catalog, i thought her hair looked so very whimsical and fabulous. mama liked!
i loved today, today i felt just like a housewife.
& since i've always wanted to be a housewife, that is a very good thing! i got all prettied-up and slipped on some heels, did two loads of laundry, dishes, and made cookies! which i ruined (kinda), but hey.
 nobody's perfect.
i loved today, i hope you did too!
oh & i've actually started posting things on my tumblr! check it out here.


Cherie said...

You are the cutest thing and always look darling!

christine donee said...

those yellow shoes are the perfect pop of color!

Bon Bon said...

Cute cute cute! What an adorable housewife you are:-) xoxo

HanneeNz said...

What a cute outfit! I love your scarf =) I love getting all dressed up and then pottering around the house.

Gertrude said...

You forgot to say that you are the cutest housewife :) xo

Brittany said...

okay seriously you are just too cute!! and i love love getting anthropologie's catalog in the mail!! it's always nice to at least look at them... even though i can't afford anything in there!

Meg said...

I know exactly the hairstyle you're talking about, I was coveting it myself this morning!

I'm also coveting your scarf... any idea where the giver of your gift found it?

Lauren said...

thanks guys!! meg, i'm almost positive it's from forever. almost.

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