Tuesday, May 24, 2011


my man is studying to get in to the nursing program here at BYUI. 
this means that he studies... a lot.
i am not trying to get into the nursing program & am waiting to start the interior design program in september. this means that i do not study...a lot.
this means that when travis studies, i do my very best to distract him because i just want to have fun! such is the role of a young wife. unfortunately, this can be very annoying. i don't like to be annoying, so i diverted my tactics yesterday:
because how can you be annoyed with someone who tells you nice things?
that would just be silly.
peace & love


Kayleigh S said...

bahahahahahahah Good in bed. :) That's awesome :)

Lauren said...

dangit you can read that? gahhhh!

Brooke said...

Did you just write "he smells like man?!?!?! I Say that ALL THE TIME to my fiance! I am so glad someone else knows what I'm talking about!

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