Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lovebook VI

welcome to another lovebook! is it sad that i had to look up how to write the roman numeral for six? i guess Mrs. Rollins in 3rd grade never taught me that far. and i really liked her...

1. isn't baby eleanor the cutest chub in the entire world? one day when trav & i have little ones of our own, i hope they are as smiley and bright eyed!
2. How to be a Hipster, Chapter 1 by Verbal Vomit is the most hilarious & clever thing I've read in a long time. It holds certain truths of how to be a hipster such as "buy a vintage teacup" and "wear glasses that overwhelm your face". ha!
3. I love Sam from Young People in Love's post about "Why I Blog" because some of her reasons are very similar to mine. Tell me, why do you blog?
4. 100 ways to creatively re-use old magazines!
5. dear blank, please blank. i could spend way too much time on these funny entries.
6. Lauren Conrad does favorites on her blog, too! I love the creative elevator. what a surprise from a boring, normal old elevator!
7. pugly pixel is adorable. plus they have free downloads & blog templates--score!
8. the greatest cookie recipe in the entire free world. also the not free world. really though, this is my husband's family cookie recipe and it's amazing. it helped to bring me out of my kitchen suck.
9. are you, too?

Sweet Serendipity
10. hairdresser on fire. reagan is a chick filled with spunk & a world of knowledge about hair. she always has the best tutorials and is too cute!

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