Friday, May 20, 2011

keeping it real

this image has absolutely nothing to do with this post. except that i'm eating pancakes this. very. second.
image via weheartit

welcome to the new peace ♥ lauren!
i've been working on this blog design for a little while now,
and i just adore it. it's tre "lauren". i hope you like it too!

the new look is a tribute to my new mindset, my mindset about blogging. 
i don't know about you guys, but sometimes i feel like blogging is eating up my social skills. {you don't feel that way? oh... well go ahead and skip to the ending then!} i'll post and then i'll read other lady's posts and it will be a completely enjoyable, yet one-sided interaction. and that just stinketh in my mind.
also, travis misses me when i blog.
poor guy can't get enough of me!

my thoughts on this are very unorganized... if i sound like a rambling lunatic please, don't mind me.
i guess my point is that i need to remember the reason i started this blog in the first place-- for me. for my family and i to read through these posts one day and remember the quirky, amazing, wackadoodle times we've had together. remember the love we've shared. i blog to document the little moments & keep them alive forever.
gosh. blogging is a good idea, huh?
i am so grateful for the blog community & my sweet followers, you make this even more fun. ya'll are freaking power ranger! bloggers seriously make the online world a nicer place to be.

mush peace & love

are you grateful for blogging too? what inspired you to start a blog?


Kathy said...

oh. my. goodness! this new layout is ADORABLE. such a perfect shade of purple...

I started a blog because it was the cool thing to do? since then I realized I'm REALLY bad at consistently updating. I'm trying to get back into though

Amanda said...

I love power rangers..err I did. I was actually madly in love with the white ranger. We got married in my mind several times. Sooo basically all this to say i like your blog. kthanxbye

Candace Stevenson said...

I am in absolute love with this new layout dude! I started blogging for the entertainment of other people but I realized I need to blog for ME like I used to. to remember the fun random things :)

M. said...

i love blogging. it's given me an opportunity to catalog all the amazing things going on in my life so that I don't miss them and a time to sit down and do that everyday. I definitely get overwhelmed sometimes, but the community of bloggers is huge too- so awesome.

kate said...

hooray! the design looks great.

a few months ago i had some creepy stuff going down on my blog and decided to delete the old one. i imported most of my posts (just the ones i really cared about) and started fresh. it was really nice.

Natasha Louise said...

I Love the new look! soooo cute! and I love this post, I started blogging pretty much the same reasons! to look back and keep little moments fresh! I Love it! Plus, it's just a way to show people that have to miss you *because unfortunately I have a lot.. what your up to! and oh of course for other people who don't know you to get to know you! Blogging is the beeeeeeest

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