Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lovebook V

1. oh, hipster names. i found a list of hipster baby names via nameberry. i was semi-surprised to not find the name "apple". cause that's so hip, right? gwen did it.
 the world and it's mysteries. 
what are some of your favorite baby names?
2. emily the brave. just cause she's fourteen and totally rock n roll.
3. my cute friend aly is getting married & asked me for a few "save the date" ideas, i thought i'd share a few.
images via weheartit
i had to use the beachy one, cause they got married on my birth day.
so. rad.
4. daybook is pregnant!
5. i've recently discovered bakerella--the cutest baking site on the interwebs! i feel like it's hello kitty meets easy bake oven, which equals awesome.
6. did you know ModCloth sold apartment stuff? cause I didn't.
7. little chief honeybee gave a tutorial on how to streamline your photos-- very handy! Just another way to make your blog more visually pleasing.
8. fun with buttons!
9. remind me to do this for travis, i am always looking for ways to show my love for him!
10. one day i will own a yorkie poo, and i will be happy. 


Brooke said...

Awesome links! I can't believe she's pregnant either it's so exciting :D

heather said...

Love those pictures!!

Amanda said...

I love that Daybook is preggers!!! Your links are always right up my ally. Thanks for sharing.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

bakerella is the BEST :)

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Those save the dates are just too cute!!!

Rachel said...

your birthday is july 10th? So is mine :) i really love your blog by the way!

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