Monday, May 02, 2011

the telly

i didn't go into much detail in this post about the new television,
i'll do that now {smile}.

heck yes we are keeping it! it's huge! ha & trav has wanted one for so very long, he's been very patient. i just thought it was so funny how he got it while i was gone for the day... little sneak.
the only qualm i have with the telly:
i have been picking up extra cash for a while to save up money for trav's birthday at the end of May, i was planning on getting him a TV. but the kid went and bought one without me! he got it for several hundred dollars off so it was definitely worth it, but it was a birthday surprise ruined! though i'm very terrible when it comes to birthdays, so maybe i had it coming.
we had a movie marathon yesterday in an attempt to break in our new toy; we almost know how to use the remote!
and it's name is Viz.


Elise said...

I bet Travis is so excited!

Today I was getting something out of the vending machine on campus and this boy said he liked the flower in my hair, my first thought (without saying "thank you" first) was you and Travis, it was pretty funny.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I love the Sartoralist it's the bomb

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