Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new camera, baking fool, 1/30




cardi: garage sale | button-up: thrifted | blue a-line: vintage from my oma | heels: consignment | blue bow: clothing exchange

hello day one! you may have noticed that the quality of my photos are now infinitely better: travis found a killer deal on a dslr at a garage sale this weekend. happy early birthday to me!! best husband ever.
on a completely different note, i've been a baking fool lately.
on sunday i made strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting, topped with a slice of strawberry.
i called them chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes.
creative, no?

peace & love


geri e. said...

Mmm. Sound delicious, yes?

p.s. love the monochromatic color scheme today AND those shoes.... I love them.

Brissa said...

i like-a your hair and shoes. mmmhmmmm

Amanda said...

those cupcakes sound so lovely!!

Katie Webber said...

new dslr? LETS TALK! what kind? how much? what lens? I wanna hear of course!

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