Thursday, June 16, 2011

busy birds, 3/30



 chambray shirt: thrifted | belt: thrifted | bottoms: walmart | shoes: thrifted | earrings: Charolette Russe

oh, helloooooooo handsome!
hubs has officially reached model status. HOT.
I've got a secret guys. i have no idea what a chambray shirt is. 
I've noticed people referring to their denim shirts as "chambray" so you know... let's hope i'm right.
I'm all for fancy words, i say "Target" in french as much as the next girl.
T & i are busy birds lately, I'm working 30 hours at my new job, a full time student plus my job at Sammy's, and Travis has school full time, works full time, and studies full time. We a totes busy birds! Last night we decided to take a break from studying and got a redbox to cuddle.
We both fell asleep on the couch and woke up late for class this morning.
Yeah..... our romance quadrant = lame.

peace & love 


elisabeth said...

yeah, i'm just going to keep calling it denim.
you're too cute!


Kathy said...

oh goodness you're adorable!

Brissa said...

cool hair. and the finger guns are money.

Hilary Mae said...

The outfit is awesome and you should do a tutorial on how to get that hair. I can't do anything remotely cute like that. Those finger guns...rock.


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