Friday, June 10, 2011


it is no small secret that i possess a certain... distaste for studying. it's downright yucky ya'll. so on a sunny afternoon as we were headed to yet another study sesh, i was having a hard time containing my excitement {statement dripping with sarcasm}. travis notices & like the good husband he is, decided to take a quit stop at the town carousel, just for me!

i had no idea burg had one of these! giddy as a schoolgirl, basically.
after my treat i was a much more enjoyable girl to study with.
moral of the story: be nice to your wife, get annoyance-free study time.
lesson learned.

peace & love


madison said...

umm...where is thaaaaat?!!

karajean said...

HA! That must be the apron shirt :) Very cute!

Katie Webber said...

Oh yes! by the water park? I love that thing. Ps. Loved the dorm life reference.
Lesson *learned*

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