Thursday, June 09, 2011

lovebook VII

holla! yesterday at work i wore a super cute tank top. it had ruffles and was pink. recipe for success! i was basically in love with it. then when i handed a chick her food, she said "i really like your apron", and walked away. naturally, i pretended to forget to say "thank you". 
pfft. showed her.

1. make some cutesy braid bracelets! i think this would be a fab girls camp activity. {officially storing this in my brain's girls camp archive. my all time dream is to be a laurel advisor in young womens. all time!}
2. i have been making a good deal of cupcakes lately. the other day i tried to pipe icing roses onto my cupcakes... but failed. kitchen suck, hello. maybe you'll have more luck!
3. trippy social media icons
4. this print is amazing. i won't give away what it is, because then it won't be funny!
5. what love means to 4-8 year olds. this made me start to tear. straight up.
6. a ginormous list of every bag tutorial ever invented. get sewin' ladies!
7. i think everyone should follow my new friend Courtney at A Fancy Day, because she's nice and very fancy. {smile} get your bum over for a visit to her new blog!
8.  Oh Happy Day is giving away a trip for two to paris! THIS IS A BIG DEAL!
9. shabby apple giveaway.
10. a lovely idea if you don't have a vase. someone please, let me style your wedding! i pinky promise not to eat all of the cake.

peace & love

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