Sunday, June 19, 2011

for fathers

to my future baby daddy: thank you so very much for loving me 100% everyday. you are funny, kind and a MEGA hard worker. i love our silly walks down the street & how your spirit molds with mine. i loved sitting with you that hour before our sealing, and praying that our little ones in heaven would be just as excited as we were. praying that we would be good parents for them. you will be the best father to our little dumplings, someday. thanks for still being a goof even when you think i'm annoying, thanks for taking these silly outfit pictures for me day after day like a boss. 
you truly are the best for me.

to my pops: i love your non-stop laugh every Sunday watching AFV. i love the way you kiss mom when you come home from work, i love when you took us kids into your office one by one for father's meetings. i love the look in your eye when you went off on a spiritual tangent during family home evenings. i love how hard you have worked over the years, to provide for your growing family.
you are the best, dad. 
don't you forget it.

to my papa-in-law: thanks for being such a kind old fart! right away you made me feel so welcome, it was easy to begin feeling like your daughter, too. thanks for being so tough on that husband of mine, you raised a real gentleman. you are the favorite father-in-law i'll ever have.

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Brissa said...

that first pictures melted my heart. it's so beautiful.

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