Monday, June 20, 2011

pieshakes, dream home, 5/30

just chillin with my brother.
love that guy ♥

so when i woke up from my nap yesterday, it was 9pm.
and it looked like this.
bad time to take outfit pictures,
good time to be alive.

dress: gifted | vest: F21 | necklace: vintage from mama | boots: charolette russe | green tee: downeast

we had a big show at sammy's over the weekend, and i definitely made benton paul and john allred a pieshake. this pieshake, to be exact. totally. awesome.
last night, i designed a home in my dream. it was beautiful and light, rustic and warm. iiii loooooved iiiit. i wish i could have taken my camera into my dreams. i'll just have to remember it always until t & i get to design a home of our own someday! here's to dreaming!

peace & love

1 comment:

Katie Webber said...

BENTON PAUL AND JOHN ALLRED?!! jealousy rules in me. I love that. Also, that first line? oh boy. ;) Second, that dress is super flattering. Hot mama!

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