Wednesday, July 13, 2011

awkward bathroom story

there i was, in a public restroom on campus. i've been a bit stuffy since my sickness a few weeks ago, and so this trip to the restroom was solely for blowing my nose without worrying about blowing it on people. i decided to fold a few strands of toilet paper to use for later, but realized my flowy skirt had no pockets. 
easily solved. handy dandy bra to the rescue!
so, as i was facing the door and tucking toilet paper away for later, a girl walked in.

i got a weird look, to which i said, "hi?"
then she gave me another weird look. 

i wanted to say, "it's not what it looks like!" but that would have been even more awkward.
so i just left. 
i am awesome, guys. just awesome!


Amanda said...

This is the best story ever told.

jordan paige said...

haha i absolutely love this story, i wish awkward bathroom things like that happened to me!

Evi Figgat said...

Epic. :)

TheReal.NateTucker said...

This happened to me only like a week ago! No Joke! But I was in a speedo...

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