Sunday, July 10, 2011

it's muh birthday!

twenty years old for me & my twin brother!
didn't know i had one of those?
here's a birthday post my mama did to prove it!
he's proudly {well, i'm proud of him!} serving in Indonesia.

happy birthday to us.
now i'm off to a bbq in my honor.
have an amazing day!

peace & love
{singles ladies: my bro is hot, huh?}


Katie Webber said...

Andrew's so hot right now ;)
HAhaha I was actually thinking about him this week. I need to write that boy or something.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LOVE! I miss you like crazy. I'll make a road trip soon, promise. (It may have to be in the fall though)

Shannon said...

ooooohhh where do i get me one of those!! hes cute!!!! :)

happy birthday girl!!

Candace Stevenson said...

happyhappyhappybirthday!!!!! :) twin powerrr

Irene said...

maybe a weird moment to declare myself on your blog for the very first time, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i'm a relatively new follower (for the last months) and i really like it :)
have a nice day!!!!

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