Monday, July 11, 2011

lovebook IX

1. um. watch this.
2. i looooove all all of these original prints, it really pulls the home together.
3. read all one billion of the oatmeal's comics... and laugh.
4. evidence that Dads are the Original Hipsters.
5. oh harry potter. it is so soon! is everyone peeing their pants as much as me about this??

6. sweet & simple DIY candles. i think i'll do this for my future grown-up backyard.
7. the busy bee has a new vintage dress shop. check it.
8. dress up!!!
9. i love all grammar jokes.
10. so creative! Everyday Objects come to life.
11. don't forget the linkel design giveaway!

the deets about my birthday is tomorrow, can't wait to live it all over again!


Irene said...

can't wait to see harry potter!! and I'll be in france so that means i'll watch it in french! yay!

The King's said...

hahaha, I totally forgot I commented on your giveaway post already once before, so I commented on it again and saw I had done it twice. I tried deleting one of them so hopefully it deleted! it basically says the same thing for both of them I think, but if it didn't get deleted go ahead and delete one so i'm not entered twice!

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