Wednesday, July 20, 2011

our lives in crappy quality photos


1. I have an amazing Anat & Phys teacher. He is old, and he lets me take my tests in the gardens. 
I love taking my tests next to the flowers! 
2. hello travis, hello teeny octupi! 
3. remember the post-it attack of love i made for trav's birthday? yep... those are definitely still stuck to our walls. i don't have the heart to take them down, and i think trav likes reading nice things about him every morning {smile}. 
4. here's another shot of that cake i decorated for a relief society activity. a friend & i decided to split a cake so we wouldn't get fat. but who are we kidding? 
5. PIZZA HUT. get in muh belly!
6. this is me. hello.
7. this is travis. so hot right now. travis.
8. our breakfast of champions! remember what i said about the fat thing? yeah...
9. my mama sent me a lovely birthday skirt! i wore it to church on Sunday & felt like a lady.
10. the way the sky should be. pink.
11. you lika my moo-moo-cow sunnies? i wear these puppies everyday & can't get sick of them! moo!
12. t & i visited the nature park on sunday and enjoyed sitting by the water. so naturally, i took a picture of my feet. 


Amanda said...

Lovin the skirt and the shoes!! hot hot!

Emily Jardine said...

Have I ever told you how much I dig you blog? Well I do dig! :)

Sarah Christine said...

Crappy quality photos are still photos! :) Number 10 is gorgeous! And you are just as cute as ever!!

My SongBook said...

This post made me smile, and I totally agree that the sky should be pink!

Elise said...

I loved our Anat & Phys teacher. He was so great! I hope your finals all went good :)

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