Tuesday, August 02, 2011

hello hello

hey party people!
so... i've kinda ignored the blog for a while. t & i took a vacay to boise & it was so nice to just mooch off his parents the entire time! plus, i went dirt camping for my first real time. holla.
we ate s'mores, slept in a truck bed, really looked at the stars, and i have 8 mosquito bites on my forehead. it's a win win.
i won't lie, i felt really stinky about not posting for so long. i told myself no one noticed (covering your own eyes in hide-and-seek always worked, right?) but when my mama commented on my facebook, i knew it was bad. 

"remember how you used to write on your blog? yeah those were good times."

hahaha! gotta love a mother's kind words.
so while i was gone, here's what i did and who i did it with.

i just love my W family.
t & i have our first anniversary this saturday!


Kylee said...

"likes the gym". haha
any big plans for the one year?!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Yes! it's official Ashlynn and I can sleep better at night.

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