Friday, August 12, 2011

our anniversary

{which actually happened a week ago} 

On the morning of our wedding, I woke up to sun pouring in through my windows onto the purple walls of my old bedroom at home. It seemed to be an ordinary day. After fluttering my eyelashes once or twice I caught sight of the gorgeous white gown hanging on my bedroom door, and I remembered. 
Today was my wedding day.

The rest of the morning was a complete blur. I ate something, I tried to work out, I laughed with my brothers and sisters, I was an hour late to my hair appointment. I met up with Travis to drive to the temple before the rest of our family or guests, and I did my make-up in the car (that's talent, friends). 

We were almost late, so we rushed into those big rotating doors and we rushed into our temple clothes and we rushed to get everything taken care of before our family came for the sealing. Before we knew it, we were given a bench in a quiet hallway and a few moments to ourselves to wait for the sealer to arrive. 

Sitting on that bench alone with Travis and thinking that soon we'd belong to each other was amazing. Nothing had ever felt more real to me. Everything else- the reception, the prepping, the planning- it didn't matter. On that bench with Travis, I knew what was important. 
He was important. We were important. The Lord was important. 

Travis & I made promises to each other that day. I cannot put in to words how much those promises mean to me. I can't describe how they have become such a beautiful part of my entire being. They are wonderful. The way in which Heavenly Father has designed for us to live as husband and wife, and in families, is wonderful. While on that bench we also dreamed of our future littles, and I wished they could know how important this day was to their own lives. 

In the sealing room that day we smiled & we cried, 
and I knew that our love would last.

Even though our marriage is far from perfect, we know that we can make it last an eternity.
We will always be grateful for the chance. 


Madison said...

you guys are so cute!

Gertrude said...

Happy belated anniversary :) xo

From Suns To Moons said...

Love your wedding dress - it's not every bride that dares to wear sleeves these days.

Syd.elise said...

you guys are beautiful! and i love your blog. can i ask where you found that wedding dress and how much?? it is so unique and gorgeous!

Syd.elise said...

$150??! that's it?!

no i'm not getting married anytime soon. my missionary just left. i just day dream of weddings and wedding dresses, i have since i was in jr high! and yours is beautiful

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