Thursday, August 04, 2011

this time, last year II

this time, last year.
travis & his groomsmen were still reminiscing about their adventures in vegas,

{his groomsmen definitely called me while in Vegas and kept saying "We lost Travis! We can't find him anywhere! He won't make it to the wedding!" Basically, these kids watch the Hangover WAY too much!}

and their ultimate roadtrip.

& we also went swimming at Jilly Bean's house. like erryday.

i had so much fun with these nubs. i had been planning, working out, making wedding things for the entire summer but once my boy came to arizona... i let go. it was so nice to just play and be carefree the week before our wedding. all the fun got me so excited for the loveliest day of my life!

1 comment:

Brissa said...

maybe it's because the hangover is one of the greatest movies everrr.

so long, gay boys!

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