Tuesday, August 09, 2011

filled with surprises

oh heyyy.
sorry guys, it's been crazy in the T & L home lately. our internet went out for a few days, we hosted a rockin' garage sale, re-organized out entire apartment, celebrated our anniversary and i got a concussion! fabulous!
i won't go into much detail but i hit my head pretty good and was taken to the emergency room, i was out of it for a while {like forgetting my coworkers names. that was weird}. but i'm feeling much better today, thanks to my adoring husband. travis got me onion rings. onion rings fix everything. 

that's basically all i want to say, i'll be working on more posts for later this week {including the last this time, last year and a belated anniversary post}
that's all for now, but i will leave you with this silly girl.

you're welcome.


Brissa said...

concussions are not awesome, but at least you got onion rings.
every time i see this picture of this little girl i wonder what on earth she was actually saying. i also wonder if her parents know she's famous.

.Chelsey. said...

Haha I love that picture! makes me laugh everytime I see it. How did you get a concussion? And that's a great idea to do the this time last year thing. hope you have a good day!

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