Wednesday, August 10, 2011

this time, last year III

this time, last year. 
we went swimming, again. ross decided to cut his head open with his knee... lifeguard lauren to the rescue!

then we went to dinner at joe's real bbq. yummay!
i loved swiping ribs off my then-future-husband's plate while he was in the restroom. {smile}

& then my girls & i had a cray cray sleepover. i love each one of my ladies so much! i am so grateful they each came down from there various states to be there for me & trav on our wedding day!
while on our sleepover, we laughed & laughed.
and laughed.

and then we just hung around.
{pun absolutely intended}


Sarah Christine said...

What a fun post! I want to go find pictures a year ago from today now and put them up!
Ps. Your swimsuit in the first picture is so so cute!! Where is it from!?

Katie Webber said...

HAHAHA those are crazy pictures of me. Remind me to stop laughing like a freak next time someone holds a camera to my face :) but i love those memories. Such a good week!! love you laur :)

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