Wednesday, October 05, 2011

lovebook XII

1. this is happening in the near/distant future. for real.
2. how to make a paper organizer out of cereal boxes!
3. a video of an adorable elderly couple trying to figure out the webcam. the gentleman reminds me of travis in so many ways. ha!
4. say a little prayer for these guys, huh?
5. can one of my lovely blog friends buy me a pair of brants? please? pretty please?
6. my cool blog friend Andrea over at Pics-O-Andrea just opened an etsy shop for her beautiful artwork. this print of the mesa temple is now officially on my christmas list!!
7. i am loooooving this ensemble from kendi everyday
Pinned Image
the girl can do no wrong.
8. i have oh, so many things up my sleeve for halloween. check it.
9. i have no link for this, but i am throwing my girl Morgan a bachelorette party in a few months. does anyone have any killer cool ideas for a classy, non-risque party?
10. and finally, my favorite this week: a glorious list of life's little things. it's a good reminder of the great number of things not to take for granted. wish i had thought of this!

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