Thursday, October 06, 2011

my husband is hilarious.

sometimes i just don't think i do a good enough job of displaying trav's personality on this blog. it's like he's just one big mystery man that i say is handsome a lot. it's selfish of me really, because travis definitely has a one-of-a-kind personality. without further ado, here's a post to better showcase my husband. 
a few favorite gems from travis this week:

one morning as i was sitting on the floor doing homework, travis pounced on me like a gorilla, pinned my arms down and began scratching my face with his man scruff. a very uncomfortable me cried out, "ow! that hurts! no! in answer to my cries he replied, in a very gorilla-like way, "grunt. no. i'm dominant. grunt grunt."

after bring play-scolded for poking me again and again, and again he said, "but you're not mad at me yet. that means i can do it a few more times" 

 when i asked our married friend blake if he is planning on teaching his future son to golf, travis intercepted the answer with, "psh. is the pope catholic?"

while i was brushing my teeth, he came up behind me while i was in front of the mirror, placed his hands around my waist and said, "you're so little right here". my day = made. 

just after a sneezing fit, "sometimes i like to think my sneezes are gunshots."
{insert sneeze-inspired gunshot noise}

in devotional this week the speaker was telling the audience about his dear sweet wife who struggles with  muscular dystrophy. my heart reached out for him and his family, and i leaned over to travis to whisper, "trav, what if one day i got muscular dystrophy?" he leaned back, concentration on his face, then replied "then i would come and talk about it in a devotional". 
i can always count on him {smile}

i love that guy. 


Single Unsingle said...

He's mad funny! Funny how i'm not that surprised. Happy for what you two have :)



Katie Webber said...

Hahaha, I can hear him saying the sneezing one. That's great. Yes, trav is hilarious. I concur.

beady said...

I actually for reals lol-ed the the sneeze/gunshot comment. Classic! xoxo

PS. Giveaway happening over here...

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