Tuesday, October 18, 2011

there was beauty all around

i've been too busy with school & sammy's to blog,
but that's no excuse for being a bad blog friend. i'll try to do better but uh, i won't make any promises! we all know how stinky i am at thirty day challenges and the like. ha!
last week it took all the strength i could muster to patiently wait till the weekend. because, the weekend would bring me to Utah for a wedding, and take me into the Salt Lake Temple for my very first time. Oh, the beauty  and spirit that was in store for me!!
t & i jumped out of bed at 5 that morning, i wasn't even sleepy, it was great! since usually when i wake up i lay like a dead weight for 5-10 minutes, then maybe get up and shuffle my feet around in a circle for a while, then finally i'll zombie walk myself over to the bathroom. basically, i'm so glad the morning didn't start off that way. {smile} our goal was to go through a session before the wedding at ten. mission: accomplished. 

My Oma {german for "grandmother"} is a sister missionary in the Family History Center. She lives in an apartment just off of temple square, and is another reason why this weekend just could NOT wait!
travis was a groomsman in the wedding. and may i just say, he was the hottest one!
shane. the best father-in-law a girl could ask for!

the temple is BEAUTIFUL. what i loved most was being there with that man up there, with all of his silliness and jokes, and the fact that the two of us are a family. a small family, with room to grow. {smile}

& one thing i love about this photo, is the fact that our belts are lined up. even though his is at his hip & mine is at the curve of my waist. even though i'm wearing heels. precious!

xo lauren


Kathy said...

I love the Salt Lake temple! It's so beautiful. I'm amazed that the pioneers could make such a beautiful and peaceful place so many years ago.

amy said...

lauren it was so fun to meet you this weekend! even if i did turn into a little bit of a fangirl-ing freak :) aaand i think my groomsman was definitely a contender for hottest groomsman :)

Emily Jardine said...

why are you so dang cute?? it's people like you who make me wish i had the guts to chop of my ridiculously long mane...

i freaking love the salt lake city temple. i mean, i've never been in there, since i'm a little baby youngin' and stuff, but good grief i could sit in front and stare at it all the day long, and i could only imagine how lovely it is inside. :)

lowercase letters said...

you have the cutest outfits. everrrr. i especially heart this one!
you are such a cutie. :)
i'm following!

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