Tuesday, November 22, 2011

life lately


1. While on another late night in the interior design department, I left my work station to use the chop saw. Or something. When I came back, I found this little love note from my guy. It was a nice surprise!
2. I went on a vacation to anthropologie & i found exactly what i want for Christmas. Of course, I sent a photo to my mama lickety split.
3. Last week I job shadowed a professional interior designer (more on that later). We went to lunch at a Mongolian place and holy crap we stuffed our faces.
4. On the week of Halloween, Travis decided to go all spookified on us at work.
5. I love this photo of my brother-in-law Clint playing with our nephew. The both of them are just adorable!
6. I see this lovely house whenever I walk to work. One day T & I will live in a white house with green shutters of our very own.
7. Travis asked what I was doing. I was doing dishes.
8. Travis also asked if I was lookin' foxy. I sent him a photo & let him decide for himself. {wink}
9. Oh how I miss the days of warmth & sunshine. Good thing we get leaves and turkey and presents within the next few weeks or i'm not sure it'd be worth it (kidding, kidding).
10. T got a red truck which he looooooves. I like it because i get to snuggle up close to him while he drives, and sometimes he lets me shift for him! it's basically the best ever.

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lowercase letters said...

one is my favorite!! too cute!<3

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