Wednesday, December 28, 2011


1. 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving. I came home from school late, and found the turkey in the bathtub. sometimes, T just does the darnedest things. 
2. Our Thanksgiving feast for two!
3. We were supposed to get this little birdie for a few days while his parents were out of town... but it didn't work out. i was so disappointed! 
4. a girl passed out Slinkies as part of her presentation in class... sometimes i act like a five year old. no big. 
5. Kim is the absolute best draftsman in our class. One night, he asked Sierra for help. She asked for a picture.
6. I needed to sketch a man into my library, a man cowering in fear. I needed inspiration. Out of the blue, a boy walked in asking for a stapler. I told him to get on the floor and act scared first. He looked scared, but probably for a different reason.
7. my little nephew gave his teddy bear a ride all throughout the house, then tossed him over the balcony. kids!
8. my shayla-in-law did my make-up all dark. and i'm wearing black! two things that do not happen often. {never?}
9. travis started growing a mustache!! it hurts when we kiss but it's cool!
10. the day i met two turkeys and their chicken friends.
11. growing up, after a trip to the dentist, i always begged my mom for onion rings. it seems a little counter productive to eat onion rings after a cleaning, but i am not one for sense. travis & i went to the dentist together last week, and he took me straight to onion rings afterwards. he loves me. 
12. my little brother got a nerf gun for christmas. i guess he was disappointed we didn't hit arizona for the holidays!
13. a sweet little boy came in to Sammy's. his dad asked me to take a picture of him, so i did.   


Syd.elise said...

so you work at sammy's in rexburg right? me and my band are going to playing there the weekend of feb 10-11th! we are brady parks & the indiAnns and we are playing with lady & gent! i love your blog and would love to meet you!

Whit said...

Just came across your blog! I love it! Consider me a new follower, hopefully you could have a chance to check out mine and do the same?

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