Thursday, January 26, 2012

deep fried friends

i just realized that the title of this post can be taken out of context a little morbidly. I assure you, t & i are not cannibals!

lately, t & i have been hanging out a lot with these dudes:
& these chicks:
one Sunday night we had the brilliant idea to take a truck-load of these babies:
& plop their bums into a deep fryer. YUM.
& when we got to taste them, there were smiles on every face.
fabulous idea, friends.
xo lauren


Sam and Senica said...

Adam Figget!!! He was my Zone Leader on my mish!

Sam and Senica said...

Adam Figget! He was my Zone Leader on my mish!

The Daily Brielle Lee said...

I have to tell you your post title made me laugh when I read it. haha Awesome. Sounds like a great idea! The hubs and I will have to try it sometime.

Xo, Brielle

Natasha Louise said...

mmmm you can buy them in fish and chip shops here!! Yummmmmmy

Gentri said...

Um, hi. I just popped over from Mrs. DTF and I am shocked that we haven't become blog friends already! LOOOOVING your blog! SO much! :)

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