Friday, January 20, 2012

lovebook XVI

1. Everybody, Everywear gives out challenges for fashion bloggers to post about on certain days. Their most recent one was black & white which would certainly be a challenge for me, considering the fact that i own nothing black. it's a little strange, i know.
2. Shtuff Nobody Says. it's just all too true.
3. i will be making this blackberry pie next week. i am equal parts nervous & excited.
4. 50 Rules for Dads with Daughters. I read these late last night...tears people. tears. number forty-four especially found a place in my heart.
5. A Creative Photography Challenge. How fun would this be to try?
6. i will definitely be printing these & hanging them in my kitchen. and i might as well make these darling potholders while i'm at it.
7. travis served his mission in hungary. he always talks about going back & bringing me. lately i've found myself being very excited about that possibility... from photographs Hungary looks like the most beautiful place!
8. i'm helping to throw a friend a baby shower next month, we may or may not be going with a bookworm theme. after seeing this inspiration photo, i think we'd be crazy not to take the idea and run with it.
9. what a lovely kitchen, it's so elegant and cheery!
10. DIY mousepad? How simple is that?


wHiT said...

Oh my I love that kitchen! those cabinets are awesome!

A FANCY DAY said...

I loved 44 as well! I'm a huge letter/note person. Want to steal my heart? Write me a note.

Cait Emma said...

i love your blog - i just happened on it, and its fabulous. especially excited to see you reading "50 Rules...". I've never read it, but I have a book blog and I'm a super sucker for father/child stories. Such a daddies girl i guess! Can wait to see more of you!

C |

Carissa Marie said...

Hahahaha love the stuff nobody says link!!

Catherine said...

I just threw my friend a baby shower and it was so fun! I created a baby bingo game that turned out way cute. Good luck!

PS... come check out my blog about food, style & travel: FEST

PPS.. I'm your newest follower.


jessica said...

I just found your blog via According to Katie and it's really cute! This is a really cool post and I just added several things to my list of "things to check out" Haha.

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